The Perfection Of Inperfection.

We Desire to be flawless, to be perfect, to be right. Can we???/ Should we?

To reach for perfection knowing we can never achieve it, has to be the greatest testament to the human spirit.


We are built flawed, We are wired to make mistakes. It is true that the lessons learned best are born of hardship, from our mistakes.

It is from our hardships that the greatest of inventions are created. After all is not the mother of invention necessity?

Why then do so many grow hostile when they are reminded of their imperfections? I say reval in the oppertunity to grow and learn.

Rejoyce in the Striving and continue the journy.


It was a wise person who once said : "We are no human beings on a spiritual journy, we are Spirutual beings on a human journy."


Hallelujah I am not perfect!

CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
6 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Well said and absolutely true.Thanks for sharing.God Bless.


Thank you Miss Giggles, and Thank you Mr. Dex.<br />
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It's great to celebrate our flaws, Cheeky, and their influence on our characters and relationships. Our minds are magnificent learning machines, but it's only rare that they are so precisely tuned that they achieve perfection. We live in the gap between our base flaws and the ideal of perfectibility. Thank You for a thought-provoking post.

Excellent post Miss Cheeky. If I didn't try to learn from my mistakes (oooh, too many to count haha) and the difficult times in my life, I would be bound to repeat them over and over. That is something I DO NOT wish to do! I never understand those that keep complaining that their life never changes and bad things just keep happening and when I talk to them it is clear they never sat down and looked at past mistakes or roads they went down and decided to learn from the and make a U-Turn. Thank goodness those U-eis are allowed in life!!

I have, and still do make mistakes. We all do. Some are more painful then others. Sometimes we get swept up in our own emotions and travel down the wrong path for a time. However we all have the ability to turn ourselves around, if we only embrace our mistakes. It is when we stop and face what has gone wrong, that we have our greatest moments. That moment of self revelation that moves us forward and we are better for it.

That is all any of us can do. Be the best for today. When we make mistakes, and we will, Try to learn from them and be better. <br />
How wonderful it is to be able to strive to be better. Rather then dwell on mistakes of the past.