Put Down The Stones.

Why am I angery... AM I mad at you, or am I really mad at me?

When that white Hot heat rises up from our guts. Do we ever Stop and ask ourself that question. Do we later sit and ponder what made us angery?

Was there really a personal attack, or did the others persons actions or words recall for us an understanding of ourselves we do not like, some aspect of ourselves we would rather ignore. Has their words challenged us to rexamine ourself in someway?

Sometimes Anger is a very valuable tool. It spurs us to act in the face of Injustice. TO feverioushly defend those who are victomised. TO Valiently Continue when others have given up.  It is at these times we are our own masters and we can shine brightly in Dark times.

However when anger is our master, we lash out unthinkinly at anyone who gets in the way. We bash anyone who can remotly be precieved as a threat. We Flounder around swinging wildly like puppets.

It is part of our human condition to be angery. How we express that anger determines how strong we are. If we give in to our primitive self and lose our way. We owe it to ourselves to take a moment and think..... "Why am I really angery?" 

Anger can exhault us, in times of great injustice. or Anger can make us its fool. so please put the Stones down and just be still.

CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
1 Response Mar 25, 2010

Great post!! And I love the video. Can I have a whistle?