Of Course No One Can Care About All of This, and I Know...

even "EP Friends" don't or can't at times.  But my hope is that some of them do, and they assist in finding others together and somehow we all get to be one happy group - of lost souls and whiners?  No, maybe somehow one of us will connect with another or morea nd there will be some benefit to all this invested time...



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4 Responses Mar 22, 2009

And I'd have to say you're right. Everyone has an agenda of some sort. I just like to think that my circle of friends are the helping type and care about me and everyone else for who we are. And, if I can help people along the way, that's a great big bonus!

Some have told me that what I have said made them think....And others that have said that I have helped....<br />
<br />
And I am sure that some day...Down the road...Something that I say today..>Will help someone out later.....<br />
<br />
But this is all a hope..and a dream...But a nice one

There are many, many people on here who care and try to help others here on EP. It's an amazing tool for friendship, finding people who share the same interests, ideologies as you and the genuine desire to be honest and help other people. I'm sorry if you haven't encountered that. I enjoy investing my time here and writing about my thoughts and experiences and yes, even helping people if they should need it. I care about people.

We are on here with a lot of common things, living life. So I don't see whats wrong with getting some insight from a third party.