A Shingles Story

I'm in a perpetual state of failure. I had it all , house , wife , kids , cars, great job, loving dog and the general feeling of contentment. Ah sweet contentment, now since the place were I used to work shut down and **** on all its loyal employee's. Here I am , house in for closer, kids that don't listen, wife keeps having family members dying, two broke *** cars, no job, and 2 dead dogs later. Oh sweet tentacled Ganesha please help a brother out. Ive been basically a good boy. I have my vices , my sex addiction , my temper, maybe a little drinking problem and of course my love of erotic dance. I can take the easy way out and take off and leave my family and join a cult but no , I will not . I often think of get quick schemes to make money, most often they involve some form of **** or erotic dance. Why cant ************ be considered a skill god dammit. I know what your thinking , what no college education or trade skills? I have some skills but unfortunately the job market has deemed them not hire worthy. What can I say I'm a strange bird . I have strange things drift into my head like , I believe the Mango is the most underrated fruit. Who was the one who invented the Smurf? Not the show but the dance. Who was the first person to say " you suck one **** and they call you a **********" . The morale of the story is I got Shingles three years ago and I haven't been the same since. Fin

boxersancho boxersancho
41-45, M
Jan 6, 2013