Some of the little stories I write are so banal.  "I like this!  It's neato!"  I'm not very controversial here.  I wish I were better educated.  More articulate.  But what are you gonna do?  In the future when I'm more learned, maybe I'll get better.  Many folks here are great writers, so go on and read and comment for them, won't you?  Thank you!

Sage360 Sage360
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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Nice is nice.

Smack! Treat yourself real good, hear? You are always so nice in your comments, and I appreciate that. Nice--wish I could come up with a better word.

well, I like these validations that the little things we all think privately are also what other's are privately thinking too.... I feel like I'm getting to know about the real you and that's pretty awsome all by itself. Every now and then, if I were there, I'd probably smack you on the top of your head to snap you out of bullying yourself though. (and now and then I'd appreciate a smack when I do it too)