For You

I know you might not or even will never read this because you're gone and perhaps will never be back. But I just can't keep this feeling by myself anymore. It's driving me crazy. So here I am writing this for you. I just wanted you to know how I feel about you and how you make me feel.
We just met for a few weeks, but within those few weeks I fall for you. Yea, it took me just two weeks to fall for you. I know it sounds crazy. I barely know you, we haven't even met. You might wonder how could this be. I don't know. I wish I had the answer, some rational thinking to justify this, but I don't have one.At first I denied this feeling because it doesn't feel right. When I come to my senses, I keep telling myself that this couldn't possibly happen. But then I realize the more I deny it, the more I keep thinking about you and the stronger the feeling becomes.
You're different, you're not like the other guys I've known. You're just perfect for me. I love talking with you. Then without knowing it, I lived each day waiting and looking forward for your mails.
Then you're just gone and left me waiting each day just for you to come back. I am like a fool, checking my mails every day just to know there isn't one from you, that you've never written me back. It felt empty and it hurt so bad, how I missed you.
It's almost 3 months now, but I still keep waiting for you. I keep believing that today could be the day that you are back, but it will never happen.
I actually don't know what I should feel. Because there are times that I hate you to cause me this agony, to leave without saying goodbye, and there are times when I am falling for you again, wishing and wanting it so bad for you to come back and that's what matters despite all my anger.
So, here I am now hopeless and desperate. I really wish there are words to describe how much I miss you and I wish that I had one chance to tell you how I feel. Wherever you are, whatever you do and whatever happens, I hope that you are ok.
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8 Responses Jul 23, 2010

@ Ironman: This is what I love about this site. I don't feel alone because I know that there is someone out there who feels or experiences the same feeling. I'm really sorry to hear that, but you are rite that we shud not fight for one's love, it's their loss. Once again, thank you for the comment.

@Princessblush: THanks so much, Princess. Sure I will.and I believe that time will heal. And might say that I feel a bit better now.

Awwh honey, I know it is hard but time will help you to move on.<br />
I'm sure that one day you'll meet someone who is more special than everyone else and who will care for you like no one else ever did.<br />
Gd luck :)

Thanks so much for the comment and your kind words, Picturebooklover.

Lena, I understand. I have been here too. In the end it is their loss. Who would not want someone so dedicated? I know that you had a picture of him being perfect for you, but there are so many good guys out there. Let God bring you the man that will love you for the devoted, caring woman you are meant to be.

@silentlycrying: Thank you once again. Yeap, I'm moving on now. :)<br />
@ shecretbeauty: You're right that time will heal and true I learn to protect my feeling now, not to get carried away so easily next time. Thank you for the sharing.

Ive been in a similar situation before. Not just once but twice during my freshman & junior years in college. All I can say is that you'll get over it in time. It still brings me sad memories though but it strengthened me in the end. It was an experience that thought me to guard & protect my feelings. Falling for someone is an investment so good girls like us should better look out for a good investment.

Thanks, Silentlycrying for the comment. I'm really sorry for what he had done to you. I'm sure you deserve so much more than him. Hugs to you too.