A Request Please

For a student life is not that easy, you need to understand I know you bother about my life, my career but at the same time you should realize I bother about it too, its my career after all, if a bad comes of it, then it affects me the most. Its not like that it gives you only worries I am more more worried. For once it will be good if you can stop telling me that how bad I have done and how I am wasting time and what I should do and that it depresses you to see me do this, instead could you just for once encourage me, tell me that I still have the chance and that I can still do it. Just make me believe in myself, I have lost that already, you break me more by the way you approach it, I wish for support, not that you support my bad, but just stand by my side and help me when I try again? Always bickering is not good, maybe, or yeah you do it because you want me to do better, but for once in a while it can be good for my mental status if you acknowledge when I do good, I dont understand, when I do good only the final result will matter but if I do bad then the result now matter, just for once could you please reach a hand out to me and help stand up instead of kicking me back to ground?

Floydian Floydian
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Thank you for your kind words, it helps a lot! :)

you are doing a fine job and will do better. I believe that. Keep up the good work. Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where there is no one to offer a word of encouragement or a helping hand of support. You can still make it believe in yourself. You have all the tools you need to be successful.

Thank liz I know. husg too

Thank you sara, you do enough already :)<br />
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Mizz it hard, I dont mean to bicker about it just that sometimes support can be good. Thank you for all the awesome adjectives! :)<br />
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its not that easy drobo, with parents its not that easy, the only people I can count on, sometimes everyone needs a little support.

Hey El - I know how tough it is to have someone tell you about the bad parts, and never shed light on what could be - or to help develope the potential. YOU can do this ... YOU know you can!! And they will come to see that too. You are fantastic, amazing, and can accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to. Your future is a clean slate -- just waiting for your to lay down your strokes. And the good thing about it? If you decide to change the direction of the painting, you can always paint over it ..... :) [hugs] be good my friend :)

If you ever need an arm around your shoulder and a kiss and a hug, just ask me. I believe in you and I want you to be good to yourself and happy.

He cant, thank you anyways :)

Floydian can do anything!*

Thank you snowy

Good luck sweetie..we all support you :)

thank you