To Whom It Is Concerned

**** you, your ingnorant you know that? you sit there and think that the **** you buy makes me give a ****, makes you look better? i could give two *****. you think your so smart, like this wanna be tyler durdan with your head games; guess what? you like playing games with people for your enjoyment? your a ******* sadist.

your intolerant also, you know that? i've ALWAYS want to just yell into your face "**** YOUR GOD" just to see how you like it said back to you. What? you don't say those words? yes you do, the signs are there my friend, even if there not vocalized. thhe way you lookdown whenever i have my ritual things out. the way you refuse to watch biblical parody movies but laugh at anything anti pagan. what? can you not stand up to yourr faith under a microscope? **** you

i want you to know that after i leave this house you'll never see me again, never hear from me again. i should have said no when you asked to move back in you uncaring ****.

and no the reason i haven't said this to yu isn't because i'm scared of you, the fact you are tough makes me laugh harder behind your back mate, because the fact you can break a jaw doesn't mean jack **** to me

BillySasquatch BillySasquatch
22-25, M
3 Responses Mar 20, 2009

ignorant phucks are always like that

ya well it's come to a boiling point as of late

Wow, I rarely ever get to see a hostile Boz.. .its amazing!