Hidden Messages In Melt Downs????

Dramatic rendition of your turbulent assplosion.

Okay ... you almost got away with it... but this should send the fear right back into you....

Yeah pictures of you after the recent make over.

Pay me.

Vivagalore Vivagalore
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tisk tisk...*takes notes*

Please see post about pony notes

i'll pass, you don't wanna irritate me anymore then you have, don't think vi is gonna save your *** or side with you btw. so go ahead and keep sucking on her ****, it will get you noh where.

Awh too cute... You miss the point a lot huh

*sighs* if you are smart you will stay the **** outtuh stuff with me and vi, period. you can't "troll" me, it's impossible. ask about me. if anything you are digging yourself an e-grave. im being nice right now. ;D

must you take everything so seriously Charmy? Am sure Dente can stick up for herself.

I wasn't "trolling " you ...obviously

don't irritate me and try to cover it up now. vi.. i would hope she can handle her own, don't be serious? juss stating the facts, that is serious business.

how do you figure this is about you? ohhhhhh yes, everything is about you. i forgot.

What's to cover up. Nothing. You might be irritated but I wasn't trollin

lmfao. you know what you are doing. vi, foreal hush up, i know i got your *** nervous anyways.

oh yeah. im so scared. you're gonna yell again?

never said you were scared, but you are nervous and nosy and cant wait for mauh half..i never wanted to do this but you went out your way and you know how i am... for shame tinybuhg!.. besides we ARE COOL/GREAT/GRAND noh? of course we are =D

as far as your dente... if she drops everything RIGHT NOW.. all is good. and i'll pretend none of this is going on and i'll go back to doing what i have been doing and ignoring everything. ep drama is noht my game, spitting truth is mauh game. you got that woman? =D

i dont do nervous buddy. just to clear that up.

i spit venom. But you knew that already *sweet smile*

why would you respond to something cleared up? you juss had to say you can slay me right? hahaha! jokes on you babes.

LOL I think we made up after that ....

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I am not a pony.

you're not? D:

LMAO this is classic... I'm loving EP today!

LMFAO you should be banned from posting Pony stuff!

Well I just don't like drama and whenever I see a friend being a pony I call them out because I fight drama by creating more of it...that's logical and not hypocritical ...if your a pony you Will be called out.

I can tolerate a little pony here and there but you be a pony full time ...I'm calling you out. I don't care if youve been ignoring me for months I'm still monitoring the amount of your ponying and if it goes passed my threshold well I'll start some serious horseplay and if you still ignore me well ummm ugh uhh hmmm. I don't like drama!

Also I will create real drama over imagined pony behavior. I don't care

lol aye Dente..... you're too much.

*note to self: do not read about ponies and pony behavior while drinking coffee

That right there is the same thing a pony would make a note of

Pony note taking is an art you know.

Actually I do. Its called fan fiction ... Despite only tolerating poniness to a certain level I am a secret brony.

lets not start on the brony thing. *shakes head*

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