My Response To Your Threats....


In case you don't understand
see disclaimer here

This is MY response to YOUr crybag threats.


Vivagalore Vivagalore
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I have never left anybody any threats on hubpages and tumblr

Lady deviant has a problem with telling the truth ...

I am seeing this. Because deviant blocked me I asked CCC to let him know he isn't being honest about me and I will flag him if he doesn't knock it off, and I will also go to the websites he claims I post things on under another name and also let them know his claims about me are false and I am not on those sites, and am not posting anything under any name there. He turned around and deleted the entire story he posted claiming that I have posted things on those other websites under another name. I then wrote a whole story letting people know that these accusations he is making about me are total BS.

He has told stories involving other things as well... Don't let it bother you I think most people know it's fiction .

I just discovered that contrary to what CCC told me, he didn't delete the story accusing me of following him to other websites, posting things under other names, and cyberstalking him The guy is starting to look more and more like someone with some serious mental problems.

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oh God I will never reply to a troll now for sure...scarface..hilarious..thats where the title to my alter story came from..great movie

ok will the real pony please take a bow?

LMAO at the last picture. Classic.

that poor pony

Am I allowed to dance naked through the happy meadow that is this thread?

I'll bring weed

*dances with Penn*

*gropes @ FoxyKit*


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Don't stop feeding trolls because I am the one who rapes the pony!


=-O :-Q x-( :-* <3

I guess a brony will do what a borny does. Poor pony.

LMAO, of course it had to be you, Coppy.

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*you didnt post the disclaimer

Dammit.... I shall be lynched again

or maybe they'll lynch me for even mentioning a disclaimer D:

I think my disclaimer will be a picture of the jar of balls you lent me and will say Disclaimer Deez Nutz


It's all true.

of course. you only state facts

Added disclaimer

*nods* thats a fine disclaimer

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