The Meaning of Folly

High up upon the Mountain, where the gale tears across the ragged faces of the fracture that splits the peak, there is an anonymous headstone; bitter and bleak. Its weathered and warped form marks the end of a path that has jagged a small way down the slope, and so it watches over the gaping ravine between. On the other side, the path continues, returning down the mountain to another world, one not wracked by the corrosive chill of the fog nor the tuneless roar of altitude.

In the space between the two halves of this path, there is a moment. Now that you have leapt into the air, you have either made the distance and the wind has been favourable, or you have not. Death will be with you in a little longer than a moment, but it will come none the less, dashing your soft shape against the rock, a red stain on the ashen and unyielding grey.

And what had gone before? Life leads us to many places, offers us such choices, asks us to test the nature of Life itself. Was it swaggering bravado, a drunken dare, half-hearted resignation, or perhaps a simple concession of defeat?

Or had you come here with certainty in your heart; certainty that the only path forward was that on the other side? That come the crunching triumph of gravel skinning your success upon the safety, or come the tumbling fall through empty space in a final silence, that this was the only way?

What had driven your heels down that slope, before you took to the skies?


There are two types of folly. The folly of fools who take no mind of the consequences, and do not come with their heart's guidance. And then there is the folly that we must all undertake at some stage, to follow our heart's truest longings. Fall or fly, this is greatness, and it is yours to have.
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Lovely writing, Tardy - some of your best. Yeah - I know you know.

Hahaha... I knew I should have put a winkie in that last comment :P I quite like your take on things. Up the mountain I should go... and then take the left or the right, perhaps. Or the leap. But it's better to get a good view of things first, sometimes staring down from the ledge makes it impossible to chose. And it always makes me glad when I connect to someone via one of my stories :)

What if I siad I am moved by your story. And I have a visual in my mind of such a place. And I thank you very much.

Left? Or right? Now you're just undermining the point of the story hahahahha. Ummm. Maybe that is what I'll end up doing. Who can say? I think I need to climb up the run-up path and see what the lay of the land looks like from there :)

Ever thought about just turning Left ? or Right ? Making a big Leap off a known path ... Geeper's ... sounds pretty scarey to me

hahahahha<br />
<br />
Mind reading on folly's peak! I'll take the latter option... leaps unmade, run-ups not taken... (not so much floating as cowering)

Sounds like your Floating ... wondering about going up, forward or down. You cant go back if you have made the leap.... or is it you havn't moved from the edge you speak ?

Thank you :) The lingering mystery is mainly because I don't want to have *all* my secrets in public :D

I love the way you express things. Your words are full of description and emotion with a lingering mystery.

That's very, very true :) *marks out his run up....* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

take the jump, my friend! bruises, skinned knees, broken bones and even broken hearts - they all heal. however, the experiences you miss out on will forever cause wonder, what ifs, regrets of inaction, and there's a sense of failure that comes from NOT trying ... these things ... they do not heal.