This Is What I Know Right Now



                                                       intermingled with glimpses of

happy accidents

                                                                                      standing in a long line when I am in a hurry


and finding a cool new flavor of gum


                                                                                      Why didn't this bill get to me sooner?

Fifteen dollar fee?

                                                                                          Twenty happy paws greet me no matter what time I get home...

Happy barks mingling with happy purrs

                                                            With the rare growl and hiss just for variety

Hush my spoiled darlings, all is well

                                                                                                                I have a dining room table somewhere

buried under books, pens, pencils, sketch pads, oil pastels,

But  you are welcome to come sit and eat anyway, let me clear a space...

                                                                                               Ugh... if my phone rings one more time...


Awww... my first ballet teacher asking if I still dance with my soul and not my feet.

                                                                  "Yes ma'am"

Thank you for that lesson.

                                                                                           Cold weather

but coffee and hot chocolate make it better

                                                                                                                                   Forgot to take the trash out

I wish I could sing

                                                              but there are other things I CAN do

Traffic jams

                                                                                                      miss the sunny days of driving up the mountain to my home


but the sunny days will come again

                                                                                         the music will once again blare

I will once again sing at the top of my lungs, not caring who hears me or sees me


laugh with me or laugh at me

at least you are laughing

                                                                                       He snores

but in his arms I feel safe

                                                                                I WAS put on this planet for other people

It's not ALL about ME

                                                         I hate when my alarm clock goes off in the morning

Yet I cherish my mornings with my first cup of coffee

                                             Does that make me a complicated person?


I like toe socks

                                                                    but love going barefoot


Why do they make food so unappealing in commercials?

                                                  Since when is a hamburger supposed to be sexy?

Can I have some cheese with my 'whine'?

                                                                                                              Mudslides in California

Peru is a mess

Winter storms


                                           They found a survivor of the Haiti earthquake------alive after 28 days

So, there ARE still miracles


My body is slowing down

                                                                      but my soul and spirit are still willing

Deadlines out the a***

                                                         let me dance with the adrenaline rush

help me God, Goddess, Universe

                                                  help me lose all negativity

and find balance

to be the best I can be

                                                                              I don't know how I survived to get where I am today

I cannot see around the next turn

                                              I do not know what is ahead of me

But, I do KNOW I'm EXACTLY where I am supposed to be

                                             That is good enough for me.

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Beautiful Zombie! I'm saving this one..

wow this is great!