Well there is a troll on who opens dozens of accounts, they get terminated, cuz this dude is a troll and the website knows it, so now he has arrived here, to tell the women of EP that we are the wimps he really is.
Anyway, he is single and a virgin I am sure of that & likes kitchen jokes, He operates out of his mommy's basement and has a rubber blow up doll he likes to buy pink panties for so he can borrow them to
Just thought I'd take the time to put this out, in case anyone wishes to block him or whatever.
SpiceZ SpiceZ
56-60, F
1 Response Sep 13, 2012

Spice, now that you mention his misogynist questions, I do believe I've run into him on AB, but with another name. Thanks for the heads up. No doubt, he'll get kicked off since he has the m.o.

He's back Skyy7, he must be pissed Romney lost the election ...anyway I flagged his pink ***, and contact EP about it.
If it's not gone within the next day I will be contacting lots of users to help rid the site of this troll...again.
I did it on answermug and guess what, they AM just gave me moderator privileges over there, though I don't really know how to use them yet...anyway I don't know why exactly but obviously AM hates him more than Satan I guess :) So I am happy to clean