Lost Soul

Dear Frends,

My story is of an unquenced thirst in life.Started off ever since I was young.
Loniliness being lost in this soul was always the feeling with me.A normal family with finanacial problems fro time to time.Growing up lacking lots of things.Then when turned into ateenager got a bf who I knew very well I wasnt in love with but coz of being lonely got nvolved.Ended up marrying him and having ahorrible life.Married for 12 years and then decided to leave and ran away.Leaving son with him age 11 years.2 daughters with me no clue where I am going.Met 2 boys who just used me.Now met a3rd boy but dont know what to do.Feel like dying hate myself.Lost hurt tired can anyone help.

ktai ktai
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Learn to be still child, try some meditating so you can hear what is going on inside of you, you need to find out what is driving you to run, find that inner strength and use it to steady yourself. Your children need you to shelter them from the evils of life and you can`t do that if you are constantly running.