Forget About The L

Its cuz im from Minnesota bltches!!!!!

Yuh...its hood...

strap on the Ak

its motherfukkin may day..

idk..its hollywood undead...

kikizz kikizz
26-30, F
7 Responses Mar 7, 2010

dude...yeah....cuz I will do what I want and its not like I said anything to anyone specific. But you sound pretty sarcastic....and I'll definately REMEMBER that.

i m sorryy...i m so sorry for sugesting dat garvan has a point,,obviously he desnt...i mean all u did ewas to use sm foul words...n dats it..y shud be use decent polite words?? wats de use?? i think ppl like garven should be kicked for making such pointless and rude sugestion..<br />
sorry kikz..u can go on using this horrible lang...

sarah? excuse you???

kikkz garvan has a point..

kikkz garvan has a point..

oh and who the fukk are you? :)

What a sad and uneducated person you appear to be posting shuch filth,clean up your act and pllease learn how to communicate using appropiate language. Garvan.