Should I delete all my messages? I deleted my picture in my album. I don't have time to delete every card and gift I received. I still need to delete stories, and there is only 3-hours left.
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I kept it all!! I'm not saying goodbye!!!!

I was under the impression that the only thing that would be available for anyone to view would be our posts we left remaining... is this incorrect?

After rereading the announcement. The tools will be available for one month after the pause. The app will not work in fifteen minutes from now. You can go online to the sight and delete if you want. You want be able to post anything if you still have the announcement up on you phone you can open it and there are instructions to help you deal with your content and help you decide what to do

Yes, I knew we could still delete our accounts up to a month afterwards. I've done the export and I've deleted all the posts I'm not comfortable leaving here. But what I want to know is what exactly will people be able to view when the site is paused? I thought it was only posts. I haven't deleted many PM's or my whiteboard posts... really don't want to spend the time doing so... but I don't want these things available to someone else and out of my control in the future. Should we be concerned about PM's and whiteboards content?

Only the post can be viewed

Good... thanks:)

What do you mean by if we still have the announcement up on our phone?

Click home is the announcement on top of all the post

And what will that do?

Okay. You didn't use punctuation, so I misread your comment.

click read announcement scroll down and you'll find instructions

Hour and fifteen minutes sorry

We're all freaking out lololololololo

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You don't have to delete right now read the announcement tools will be available for you to delete anything you want to after the pause

Where do we find these tools?

Not sure but I'm sure they have made it easy for us. I'm sure we'll be able to figure it out.

I am leaving everything
I like it being out there forever

What happens if we don't? (I haven't deleted anything yet)

I honestly don't know. Our profiles may well be deleted by EP in time, but maybe not. I just don't know who has access to our information and PMs, so I've deleted most of mine.

I have deleted my stories but downloaded them all... If EP returns I can start fresh .. But still plenty of unfinished business to post about


I'm leaving all my stuff there... They are welcome to it..

I left all my stories, but deleted the photos.

I added you on answer mug

Great. I'm not logged on there. I'm doing everything here on my phone. I'll see you there later.


i kept all of it

I left everything. In the event they do come back It will save a ton of work.

I'm not going to delete anything except my pictures. I figure there's no harm in leaving my account open, and who know, they might open back up again.

I left every little fart up in here. I don't want to redo it when they reopen

Thanks for reminding me about the photos

I'm just deleting some stories. I've deleted most messages because who knows who will read them, but it's too much, so I'm now focusing on stories. I may change my avatar.

Just 3 hours??

I didn't deleted any of my messages or gifts.Should i?

It's up to you. I'm overly cautious but I can't get it all done in 2.5 hours, so I'm doing what I can, then leave the rest.

Good luck! :)

You too.

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