Hello my names holly my dad is currently suffering of a serious lung disease I've alway been the type of person to keep things to myself as he has been I'll since I was 4 years old I am now 15. As I begun to understand the seriousness and as it got worse I have found understanding and dealing with a lot of things very difficult and seem to have everything bad happening to me at once now since I've hit 14. For a while now I've noticed my vagina lips are bigger than normal and I feel said they show in certain clothes and have become very uncomfortable in what I wear and see how different the area looks compared to all my friends for things such as bikinis. I really want surgery to help me with this and I am 100 % sure this is what I wont people now adays are so judgemental and I hear people being bullied for things like this daily it is stopping what I wear and me from getting a boyfriend as boys now adays only want one thing and I don't feel comfortable enough for anyone to find out about this. I went to the hospital and they didn't support me like I wanted them to and leave it a while I just want to feel normal and comfortable with who I am this is more than just hating your nose or stomach I haven't been myself for a long time now and all I want is this to be sorted so I can stop feeling so sorry for myself and pick myself up and support my mum and dad through this tough time . If you know any good hospitals In the UK preferablly Thanet please let me know or if you can help support me and give me any advice with this if youve had the operation I would appreciate it a lot. X
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I would tell my daughter to love her body that god gave her, that her mother also had long labia minoras,,, it is a gift,,, you are changing from a girl to a women,,, count yourself blessed cause later your friends will remember and envy you... I am certain

You should not be upset about your labias. Every girl is different and your big labias are very special. Don't hear those who want to encourage you to get the surgery done and if the surgerys exist it's because the get money of it and thy want those who have bug labias to feel bad about it so they can get your money.

There's a reason why this surgery exists. If you think this is something you really want then go for it. Don't listen to those who have no idea how having something like that feels. Just make sure you find a good doctor who has experience is this area.

they do get bigger... dont worry the rest will fill up and then theyll look hotter than they do now!

I'm here to tell anyone contemplating it not to do it. My parents thought my labia were deformed when I was younger, because they didn't know any different. I spent all my life wondering if I looked different, but I have had many lovers, and am married. No man has ever said that my labia were ugly, and several have said they were beautiful, including my husband, and my lover who is 10 years younger than me. I am in my mid-fifties, and my lover says my cunny is beautiful, like an orchid.
So, if you're contemplating surgery, don't!

Hello Holly, I am sad to hear this and I hope your dad is ok. Would it be ok for me to speak to you privately about your experiences? I am writing a paper for University research and would love to speak to you about this.