Sharing Labiaplasty Experiences

Hello girls,

I am very interested in speaking to you about your labiaplasty experiences for a University paper. I have only recently came across this type of surgery and would love to find out why you did it and how you are feeling now - are you happy you went through with it?

Thank you!
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I know it's an old post but there is a very good British doco on the subject you may be able to pick up on YouTube

Thank you, do you know the title?

No sorry. .. But I'm sure a YouTube search of Google labiaplasty doc will find it ... Lots of interviews on the why and also a one or two procedures that were filmed .... made me cringe and cross my legs lol :)

Hi! I'm in my early 30's but didn't realize until about 7 years ago that one of my inner labia was significantly bigger than the other. Sometimes it would get swollen and painful especially after sex and recently it's been very swollen and painful after sex and a fungal infection. I have wanted surgery on it before just for cosmetic reasons but after my recent bout of swelling and pain (making it hard to walk!) I am contemplating asking my gyn for options on having surgery. Just the left side poses these significant problems. I have no idea about the surgery and am trying to find out.

I had labiaplasty surgery in conjunction with a hysterectomy (not including ovaries - thank goodness!). I had always wanted to do SOMETHING about that area before having kids (since puberty), but it wasn't until I was going in to have the hysterectomy that I was able to have the surgery due to insurance and costs.
Right after surgery, I'm guessing because of swelling - I regretted it. I thought my doctor had taken too much off, I was in pain, etc. I am now 7-8 weeks post-op and am quite pleased with the results! My doctor is just an OBGYN and not a plastic surgeon, but he made everything look quite natural ie. not quite symmetrical, so it wouldn't be patently obvious that I'd had surgery (even though he, his nurse, myself and my husband are the only ones that will ever see it!) and I'm very happy with my decision! Mine was not just due to cosmetic reasons as after childbirth it became physically uncomfortable, but when I was a teenager, my wish for a change was purely cosmetic. I realize this procedure isn't for everyone and a person should try to wait until they've had children to have the surgery (hello stretching!) - BUT, every person and every case is different.
I understand that this procedure is gaining in popularity due to a perceived notion of women's labias - that they are all small and symmetrical. Have you seen the report out of Australia about the increase in this procedure and the relation to air-brushing requirements of women's labias in "soft" magazines?
For me even without a large frame of reference, as a 12 year old, I wanted to have something done.
If you would like to ask any further questions, please feel free to message me and I will get you contact information. What a great topic for an anthropological study!

I'm here to tell anyone contemplating it not to do it. My parents thought my labia were deformed when I was younger, because they didn't know any different. I spent all my life wondering if I looked different, but I have had many lovers, and am married. No man has ever said that my labia were ugly, and several have said they were beautiful, including my husband, and my lover who is 10 years younger than me. I am in my mid-fifties, and my lover says my cunny is beautiful, like an orchid.
So, if you're contemplating surgery, don't!

Hello, thank you so much for your response. Would I be able to message you privately and speak to you more about this?