Just Few Words

Actually ,I really hate talking about confidence.Don't know why,but I know this subject makes me feel sad.Because I think it's the thing which ruining my life that I lack confidence.I don't why I don't trust myself,why this scared feeling I have when I'm under exam,I always think that I'm not good enough,no matter what I do.

& I don't really know my qualities,everyone say I'm good but in what???I asked this question many times,none could answer me except u r hard working person & you'll find your way.

I don't how people can talk so highly about them self & really believe it,even sometimes I know for sure that they are either mistaken or lying.I have a project which I need to finish it as soon as possible,it's like a small thesis but I don't have the courage to do it ,although,everything I want is my head but I'm scared from falling,from not being good enough...I so hate this.

I think this enough,don't wanna talk more.

Flona Flona
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2009

only one thing.. confidence is just a word,don take it seriously<br />
ur life isnt goin to change until u like to change<br />
so do what u wish for and dont even think of takin in others comments<br />
gud luc_<br />