The Difference Between Us And Them

By "us" I am referring to people like me, misanthropists. While we might be very alike, we are also probably very different. I do not intend to say that all misanthropists would agree with me on what I am about to write here, but I do believe that there is something most of us can agree on. A banner which we can unite under perhaps?

Imagine a crisis if you will. A big crisis. An end of the world sort of crisis. A sort of crisis everyone can see, something no one can deny. Yet a crisis that probably most people would wish to deny, something they'd rather not talk about.

On one side we have people like us, we see what horrors humanity inflicts upon itself every single day, how it corrupts so many things that were once beautiful and pure. Now imagine that enough is enough, one day it will all end, in a very bad way. There is no such thing as a "they lose, we win" scenario going on here. Everything that is worth fighting for, everything that can be saved, will die. Unless someone does something about it. We can see what is about to happen, we can see the coming doom. So we try to stop it. We would try to find ways that could save what is worth to be saved, and make sure that the same mistake is never made again. This is where I think there might be too much guesswork, but I believe that we would be ready to make the difficult decisions required to stop a crisis like this. What is so sad is that we also probably have a great deal of ideas about what humanity COULD be. Now to the other side. What would they do instead?
They would be paralyzed by fear. With all their bickering and infighting among each other, they would get nothing done. With so many laws and regulations, with all the "human rights" to hinder them from doing anything "unethical", there would probably be no progress whatsoever. Or, they would attempt something rather futile once it is already too late, so nothing could be done anyway. Their response would probably be something like "oh well there is nothing I can do about that anyway! I will be dead before something like that happens." Short sighted and foolish as they are, humanity would probably be doomed in their. "Care". Perhaps it is already too late.

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KingNothing90 KingNothing90
22-25, M
Sep 18, 2012