It's funny how people can just stare at you for no reason. It's like they are on constant guard, trying their best to look tough. I smile at people but they look at me as if I was going to hurt them, I guess not all people though. I hold doors for people, move out their way when walking, it's as if people think it's my olbigation to do that. Everyday I go outside there's at least a few people who just wind me up. I'm glad there's still a few people who are kind.
lovetodraw19 lovetodraw19
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1 Response Sep 1, 2014

Oh I hear you it's Absolutely ridiculous. Some ppl in this works think it's all about them and that there sh1t don't stink. I get the same here and it really tests my patience.... And as for the staring I usually get it walking through the shops someone looking at me as they walk towards me I'll just say hey how's it going and nothing. All I say in my head is well **** u 2!!!! Some people are just pure arse holes lol