Your Dreams Should Be Your Motivation!!

Ultimately everyone needs to be happy by the end of the day!

That is possible only when we listen to our heart and fulfill what it actually needs. !!!

How to know what heart says?

Very simple, yet bit complicated to understand. Just follow your dreams to know about your heart. To have 100% satisfaction and happiness in life follow all your dreams and make them in to reality, its an ultimate for your life. If you want to be ultimate and remain in this world even after death, put some effort in choosing your dreams though must follow your dreams in selecting. Everything depends on your own interests whether that may be good or bad!

very simple formula to be happy.

listen to heart-------> follow dreams------> achieve-------> happiness!!! otherwise no satisfaction in life though you earn lot of money and medals.......


nissn nissn
18-21, M
3 Responses Nov 5, 2011

Hum... I don't follow that recipt... I like to feel pain rather than joy. If you ruin my pain, I can't feel happy..

No pain No gain! soon you will enjoy gaining everything for what ever you are suffereing these many days!

sometimes dreams will express the facts..

yes true!!!

Wow excellent drive for a young man ! Thanks for sharing Nissn.

you are welcome friend!!!