I need motivation to clean my house, I hate cleaning and after a loooooong day/night at work I just don't want to continue to work when I come home. my house looks yucky and I always tell myself " eh, tomorrow"
alexxvaunlennon101 alexxvaunlennon101
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oh i know this feeling so well. I overcome this by pushing myself and if you ask how then the answer is weird nd funny. whenever my friends used to say that they coming over i would gain power magically and would clean up everything way fast. Maybe invite someone just to give an excuse to the mind to get up and work ...body will follow the order. ??

I've found with myself if I get up and at it right away on a day I don't work, crank some music, my house looks damn good. At least for a few days lol

At times i feel i need people to motivate me, but reading yr comment helps