The Sound Of Failure

So this year was my freshman year of college. Things seemed promising when I received the e-mail notifying me I had been accepted into one of the best universities of my country. I was in for a new life, new adventures, new experiences and new people. At first it all seemed fine and dandy when my parents were around to help me settle in, but then they had to return home and I was left alone in a completely new world which I wasn't familiar with. The day I saw them walk away was one of the saddest of my life. Moving overseas and knowing you won't be soon returning home, at least in a couple months, and having to rely on unknown people is never a soft experience.

Not to mention the fact that this type of learning system is, like some of you know, a lot harder than High School. You are completely by yourself, you are free to take your own routes and follow whatever way you want. You gather the study materials whatever way you desire and study them the way you want. I wasn't used to this, I had never been thrown to life before. I was aware of the necessity of working by yourself and throughout my life I was taught to work to get what I wanted.

Unfortunately, I could not handle all of it and led myself astray. I failed all exams by far and all my motivation was crushed by a giant hammer. I can't bring myself to inspiration, I am eager to start a new semester so I can have a new chance, and even sometimes wonder if this type of studying is even for me...

Sometimes I wished I could just quit...
Daggerfall Daggerfall
18-21, M
Jan 18, 2013