Self Confidence

So when it comes to me talking to someone or a woman, I see my self staring at the ground and always seem to work around having to actually talk to her..

Think it has all started when I was a kid, going through elementary my brother and I never completed the same grade in the same school, my mother like to move to much, still don't know why. So I just kept to my self and never wanted to make friends cause I knew I was going to say good bye to them before the school year was over. As it goes with girls, I never had a girlfriend growing up, never went to a school dance, cause there was that thought in my head that would tell me "she will just say NO", went through high school the same voice just Alot louder, since I started to understand women are beautiful, and love to be treated right.. My mother taught me alot cause she seemed to never find the right man to take her breath away, and love her like she wanted, she taught me, what women wanted. And still today, I know what they want but that voice from back in high school still yells loud as possible, there are two women one is my ex wife, and the other means the world to me, I want to treat her like my mother taught me, but there is that voice again, saying your going to mess it up some how...
krupkeben64105 krupkeben64105
31-35, M
Sep 17, 2012