How To Build Your Confidence!

A great way to boost confidence is to be prepared for any social situation.  Some people derive their confidence in preparing their bodies such as going to the gym.  This confidence quickly evaporites in social interactions when a person says a witty remark to you or teases your look.  To overcome this build confidence in social interactions.  Prepare yourself to have comebacks to witty remarks, insults, and quips.  The best way to prepare yourself is to have comebacks to all situations.  Just like going to the gym, you must practice being witty.  A great site to help you become more witty and have comebacks for all situations is http://www.quipin.comQuipin has a community dedicated to help you with comebacks to witty remarks, insults and quips!  Once armed with this knowledge, you can walk in crowds knowing that if someone teases you, you can fire right back at them and give them a taste of their own medicine.  If self-doubt comes into the picture, stop and pause for a minute, think back 10 years ago and how you were.  No matter what you have changed for the better so there is no reason why you should doubt yourself and feel worthless.
xguardbjj xguardbjj
26-30, M
Jun 8, 2010