It's Not My Self-confidence, It's My Friends...

I have a friend. she is a really sweet girl and very pretty. We both like each other, but one thing that has kept us apart is her lack of confidence. She gets nervous around me and is afraid to talk at times. When you meet me, you will notice that i am the last guy to ever feel nervous around. does anyone have some advice on how i could help her? She feels like she is always being judged and that people are trying to find flaws in her. I want nothing more than for us to be together. but sometimes things just get so akward... and it takes quite a toll on our friendship. please, any help is appreciated 
LucasTheGerman LucasTheGerman
18-21, M
4 Responses Jun 21, 2010

hello i appreciat you for helping her,try to express your feelings,your dreams whatever they silly this may gave her a chance to talk,appreciate her things whatever they silly, this may help her,best wishes for both

tell her how beautiful she is as much as you can

Sit down with her and look right into her eyes. Then tell her all the things that make her such a great person and how you feel with her around you. That there is no one judging her except for you and you give her a big 10. It may sound silly, but perhaps this will help.

Send her a note privately. Or cut out one of those smiley faces and send that with a big hello then write your name (not initials). Does that sound feasible as a first step?