Lacking Confidence!

I am lacking confidence to face this world and such a ridiculous people. I want to gain confidence and do my best for the existence in this world.
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As long as you think others are riddiculous, it might never change...<br />
Confindence is not about believing yourself, but believing others. Confidence is also to believe yourself. Dobble edged sword thing I guess.

Be strong and couragoius and be strong in your faith in God. For with God all things are possible!! He will help you in every area in your life.

We all suffer from this to some degree. It is somewhat scary to step up and admit to something so personal. Only you know the why. As to how to deal with it... take one step at a time, baby steps if that is all you can manage. The secret is to just keep taking those steps. There may be days where you find you are stepping in place, not making progress forward... keep stepping. Any movement is progress. Eventually you will realize that and then you will truly begin to feel at home in your own skin!

I know I often times have to convince myself to get out of bed and try new things. I have a lot of trouble dealing with people when they have their outburst of ridiculousness. So you aren't alone, I promise.

I know how you feel. Something I did learn through this is that everyone goes through this problem. People just have different ways of dealing with it, and while I hate that "accept yourself for who you are" bullcrap, in a way it's true. The area you live in is not the entire world, there are just as many open-minded people as there are complete block-heads! ;) We all have to learn these things, and learn to accept them. Just know that there are people that like, and care about you. Focus on that instead; learn to focus on what you have, instead of what's missing.

I would agree with the "ridiculous people" bit

thanks for understanding

You are doing a great job. It takes courage to share your experiences! You have more confindence than you realize my friend!

how to gain that back!?