Not Confident- What Do You Do?

I am kind of quiet and certain times will feel unsure about myself especially when I am put on the spot. I can get nervous and try to come up with an answer which is never the best or right one, or may even be a wrong answer. I then think of a better one after the window of opportunity to say it is over.  Then the fun starts. I just self-bash and  worry. I play this stuff over and over in my mind. "What do people think of me?" "Did I say the right thing?" "I should have said this or that." I also can feel uncomfortable about decisions I make too. "Did I make the right decision?" "I should have done this or that." I can identify with George on Seinfeld, which is okay if I want to make light of my emotions, but deep down I would like to change. Someone close to me said that I am so used to this line of thinking, I don't know any other way.  Can anyone else relate to this and what have you done to get out of this rut?

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1 Response Apr 9, 2009

I too had no confidence until I tried “The Power” by Racheal Eccles, it makes use of hypnosis, and it made me feel confident, I’d recommend everyone else with confidence issues to give it a go
so yeah if you feel you need a confidence boost i'd recommend hypnosis as that is my personal experience