No Sleep For The Wicked?

It seems like I only sleep every other day, then often only three to four hours. I think sleep deprivation is culmlative because when I get the time I can crash for thirteen or fourteen hours. I've always had trouble getting to sleep, when I was a pre-schooler my folks used to find me in the closet playing quietly in the middle of the night. College made it much worse, all night studying or partying. It worked out well for me later in the service when leaders were expected to be available 24-7 during operations. Later in life my career required many hours often late in the night, so I guess I'll never change. I've been to the sleep doctors, tryed all their stuff. Nothing helped because I do sleep well when asleep I just can't get to sleep. It's my normal.
teganmarie teganmarie
51-55, T
Jul 14, 2010