Lactating During Sex

I remember my ex girlfriend leaked milk on a regular basis. She had been texting me during the day, and when I got off work, she was at home waiting in a nightie, and her nursing bra. I began to kiss her, sliding my hand down her low cut nightie, and massaging her breasts. They were fully engorged, and the slightest touch made them leak. So I suckled her milk, and worked my way to her *****. She enjoyed her ***** being eaten out! THen she pushed me over, climbed on top, shedded her nightie, undid her flaps on her nursing bra and began to lean over so I could suckle her breasts as she rode up and down on my ****. She came quickly and her milk squirted all over my chest, as I sucked her other breast. Then she climbed off, and I hadnt gotten mine yet, so she promised to please me. She hooked up the electric breast pump, sitting in her rocker, and began to pump with her nursing bra still on. I was still extremely turned on so I put my **** in her mouth and let her go to work, she deep throated me again and again as I watched her sitting there, pumping away until I came in her mouth and she swallowed all of my ***!

What do you think of my ex GF? Now I am on a quest to see pics of women doing the same, or stories of them lactating like this. Leave a comment, and let me know what you think, or message me! Thanks!
insp1slayer insp1slayer
31-35, M
Sep 2, 2010