She Needs Two

My wife shared with me early in our marriage that there would be nights (or days) when she simply needed to be ****** by another man. She took great pains to reassure me it had nothing to do with me, - that sometimes she was just super horny. We'd already shared fantasies and she knew one of mine was to see her underneath a lover, while he came inside her, and then take her afterwards myself, but I think she wanted to be extra certain I was good with it.

We advertised in a sex newspaper, stated we wanted a married male to join us, help satisfy wife, and **** size not important. That's what I love about my wife, she likes 'em all!

As you might imagine, we had a good number of letters in our P.O. box, but she chose a businessman who came to our city on business regularly, thinking that if it worked out, it could be a regular thing. I wasn't sure about the "regular thing" deal yet, but wanted to see her laid and really wanted sloppy seconds afterwards, so I went along with it as the guy looked and seemed nice from the letter and picture he sent us.

He had a rental car and drove to our house from his hotel, and while the initial conversation was a bit forced, a couple of nice drinks made everyone feel better and things were moving right along. My wife asked me to make us all a new drink while she "slipped into something more comfortable" (she actually said that! :-))))), and as he and I were sitting in the living room, she entered wearing a sheer white robe, nothing underneath and low heel sandals. My **** (and his too) leaped upward at the sight! At which point, Linda asked our friend if he'd like to see the rest of the house, and asked me to please clean up and give them some "quite time" together. Needless to say, I didn't get to watch that time, - after an hour and a half or so, he came out of the bedroom, thanked me for an incredible experience, and left. I found my wife laying on her back in our bed, with her legs spread a little to give me a wicked view of a ***** red from use, and *** running out, down her sexy ***, and onto the sheets. The dilemma? To eat her, or simply plunge in as she was beckoning me onto her, gesturing with her hands and spreading her legs further for me. I chose to enter her and enjoyed some of the most delicious sensations I'd ever had.

Linda's second lover was a local insurance salesman. He was a regular visitor to our house for about three years, and slept in our bed with us when he stayed overnight, so needless to say, I laid beside my lovely wife as she was brought to ****** and filled with her lover's *** on many occasions. He wasn't real large - for those of you obsessed with size I'd say 4 - 5 inches when fully erect, but he was a frequent and heavy ******, which my wife loved. Guess who almost always slept in the wet spot? :-)))) Their sex was normal sex like married people would have, and I'd often wake up in the night to find Linda underneath her lover, legs wrapped around his back and caressing him as he slowly ****** her to a climax. Or she'd lay on her side facing me while he penetrated her from behind, and she'd be whispering to me how good he felt inside her, "pinch my nipples while he **** in me, honey," - sexy talk that kept me hard as a rock until I could take my turn. Linda knew I liked to eat her after she'd had lovers, and it was so natural for her to simply swing her leg
over me after her lover had *** in her and plopped out, climb up and squat over my face with her hands on the headboard and knees beside me, and let me lick her to another ******. This was the usual process and I'd generally take my turn afterwards, as she relaxed after ******.

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You guys have such incredibly hot experiences! It would be unbelievable to be laying in bed as your wife is being ******, feeling the bed moving and bouncing because of them, seeing the look on on her face as he slides inside, hearing her moaning as she *** with him, seeing her legs wrapped around him and her fingers digging into his back or ***, pulling him deeper inside her, kissing her lips or sucking on her **** as he is pounding away in her....and then most of all, tasting her delicious messy ***** after he is finished :D

Ah you lucky man! My type preferred sex! I' 8 inches but so many men buy into the have to be hung to be good? No you don't! All her sensitive receptors are at front and opening of vagina, not deep by cervix so any man even with 3-4 inches can make a woman ***! Big and hung is a perceived desire, nothing more, nothing less!
Well written story..we loved it!

My wife says small ***** are much easier to blow, too. She says her jaw doesn't ache as much after a ********* when the lover is small to medium in size.

She is 100% correct! Look, due to being hung I've did close to 50 men's wives with his consent, but that doesn't count the roughly 30 married women who either said no because they were afraid I was too big or ones that did try me and said "No"!
So a smart woman wants a good lover not a huge anything?

I think so, macman. Nice personality, nice ****, good lover, fun person - men possessing those characteristics have the greatest chance of finding themselves enjoying the night with my wife.

If I ever got that chance, I'd work hard to pleasure her and make her know she chose well?

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It nice that she could explain that she wasn't looking for a better lover, but a different lover and more sex.

She wanted to leave me a little piece of my dignity. Of course my **** was rock hard as she said the words. :-)

And I'm sure your **** was hard on those occasions when, while she was being ******, she would tell you how good his **** felt inside her, and how he was going to *** inside her.

Hot Hot, your wife is one sexy woman and it is a dilemma? Slide in for the wonderful sloppy seconds or suck out his tasty pie?

Exactly. Guys who have been in this situation know how difficult the choice can be. The thing is, if you slide in right away for sloppy seconds, you will *** hard in a short time, and be done for a while. Sometimes quite a while if you *** so hard your nuts ache.

On the other hand, if you go down on your wife right after her lover finishes inside her, you can take your time and keep her hot for quite a while. My wife likes my middle finger in her, slowly stroking while I eat her afterwards and this usually keeps her going if I don't give her too much tongue on her ****. I usually make circles around it, without touching it, as I slowly stroke her with my finger.

I agree with you 100%!

Now Houndog is one smart man and experienced! He knows when to eat and when to ****?

What a HOT story. your wife is so sexy and horny for **** .I would love to have a Hot Wife again. one like your wife ( who would tell me she needs more then one man in her bed ) and would invite guys over to **** her Thats So HORNY

Now that is a wife with some imagination for sexual encounters. I love the part about the three of you in one bed, taking turns.

You're lucky. Did she have any preference as far as penises were concerned?

Hi Shadow! Her preference is for thick, rather than long. I'm kinda average (7"), so every now and then a real thick one would be an extra treat. She' uncomfortable with anything over 7 - 8" and enjoys small as much as large. As I think I've noted in a couple of other stories, what gets her off is feeling a man lose control and ***. She likes it inside best, but I've seen her *** sucking a **** as well.

Just the thought of a woman like that will put a bulge in any man's pants!

Isn't waking up in the middle of the night to hear her moans as she's being ****** a wonderful way to wake up,,,before licking a **** full of still warm *****, fresh from the balls, knozing your own wife did all she could to extract it?

It's especially nice if I'm laying beside her as she pulls her lover on top of her, and guides him in. When that happens, I'm instantly hard as a rock, knowing I'll soon be entering her myself, enjoying the sensation of hot slippery velvet as I do so.

And of course you know how good his glans feels as he ***** her, and how much she appreciates the safety of knowing you're close, and the privilege of enjoying a different **** in your presence...

Oh HELL YES! Osiris96! Damn sure like the way you think and operate!

It makes everyone feel a lot closer. Men are friends when they've *** in the other man's presence, and they both know what the other one feels as the woman welcomes them to get her satisfaction. Unless declitorized, most women actually need more than one penis to feel good.

Oh yes! Thicker the better! Any man who is thick enough to rub and stretch her *****! She married me for many reasons but she loved thick AND long!
Her lover is a tad over 9" in girth!!!
Biggest one we have ever seen white or black?

Never met a woman like that!

My wife would agree with that. Or she'd say she needs to be ****** at least twice to ******. That's not true, though - I've seen her ****** on the first **** of the evening.

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Very hot. Lucky guy

I agree you have a one in a million wife there!!! You are a very lucky man

Fully agree!

PS You too, Mr. Stevela!

Thanks! I've been very lucky in that respect. I just wish she was more consistent - isn't always "hot" in that sense of the word, it comes on out of nowhere sometimes - that complicates things. No matter how much this guy or that guy wants to link up with us for some fun, few people can just drop everything on short notice and come over. Further, it takes time to get to know guys - despite what guys are saying here in EP, there's not that many women who will play with someone they don't have at least a chatting relationship with, - some kind of chemistry needs to exist. The more the chemistry, the hotter and longer the relationship will be is what I have found. There's a "trust" factor involved as well, especially before spending the night with a guy. Besides, no matter who she or we spend the night with, it's always nice to know we have something in common and can make conversation in the morning when we wake up in bed together or are having breakfast. What do you guys think - does your wife need to know a guy a bit before she'll spend the night with him?

definitely my wife has been a hot wife for going on two years if you read my storiesw she dresses very EXTREME FETISH LEATHER ,EXTREME BOOTS ,ETREMELY HEAVY MAKEUP everything that says *** **** ME but i can tell you she doesn't **** anyone that doesn't show respect if you hit on her like 'hey baby' or things like that forget it you could have stepped out of GQ but it you've got a cocky attitude etc you might as well just move on because you'll be lucky if my wife acknowledges that your even there

Yes she definitely needs to know the guy first and it is a time consuming trip to get into bed with her. You are right in that most the wives are not going to jump into bed with a guy she has no chemistry or some kind of feelings for. They want to feel desired and respected at the same time.

Of course! We like to know what makes a man tick? Is he real or bullshit?

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