Job Well Done .

I cant stand an empty yard unaltered in any way , it cries out , " work me and I'll reward you ". Simple elegance without any plants doesn't just happen , a green grassy lawn isn't natural ; they take toil and sweat to be smooth and clean of weeds . My favorite project has been Mother's yard . Sloped , roky and crumbling ; nearly impossible to dig , rok everywhere . I have personally moved several tons of stone and earth by my own hands over the past 10 years and turned the place into the beginning of a botanical garden . It's a neverending process as deer eat and trample some stuff , borers attack others , heat and drought claim new plantings , and the cold burns others . I've finally begun to refine what works here ; junipers , boxwood , holly , yucca , blackberry , ornamental grasses  etc. I cut out the American elms since Dutch elm disease will kill them of eventually , THe red cedar is too much of a fire hazard and weed , The post oak and hickory stay 'cause they're indestructable and belong here . Someday , I hope to have just 10 acres of any kind of land to mold and create a botanical garden of my own . All I need is the time , and land ...

Tanengreen Tanengreen
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I have to beg my husband to mow the lawn. I have to tell there naked, teenage girls outside waiting for him to trick him into going outside

that's the spirit I like to see . Now , I'm not gonna knock on proffesional landscapres ' cause they have far more talent , and equipment , than I ever will ; but with a few days time and , yes , plenty of effort , a person can be amazed by what can be wrought by their own hands and inspiration . I confess that I have nearly unlimited access to the plants to fill the site , but planting is the " easy " part . Building the land to put the plants and trees , not quite so easy ...

Hi Tanengreen<br />
me too! I will join this group. There is nothing like it hey! I have bought a dingle and am building steps and clearing undergrowth to plant it up! It has a stream and mature trees and bushes. Will be great! Plan to put in ponds and lighting! Great hobby!<br />
I built the garden which is my avatar - stone retaining walls and steps. Sat there today - will last for ever I reckon!<br />