Want To Be In Diapers Forever

Well, as there are now stories here yet, I guess I will be the first. I guess this is just one step in my regression. For ages I used to wet my pants and panties when I was alone. I kept that a secret for many, many years. Then I was encourage to share this with my husband so I wouldn't have to hide as before. And I did tell him. And, to my great delight, he suggested I wear diapers, to protect the furniture he said. I was on the road and at our nearest CVS within 5 minutes! I had wanted to wear diapers before, see what they were like, but was afraid to get any; where would I put them, how could I hide them? And now I had the 'key to the kingdom', I could get diapers with his blessing!
So, as I stood in the incontinence aisle at our nearest CVS, feeling somewhat exposed and embarassed, my mind working frantically on a back up story, "for my mom", "for my grandmother", I searched the aisle, reading all the packages, looking for something really good and absorbent. I found what I wanted and walked steadfastly to the register, feeling red creeping up my neck to my face, what was I going to say when they asked who they were for. But, all the chekcer did was scan them, put them in a bag, and take my money. I was out of there like a shot and back home in minutes. I took them upstairs and just looked at them for a moment. (I swear I could hear angels singing in the background!) I quickly opend the pachage and pulled out my first diaper, a pull-up. I quickly ******** to my birthday suit and slipped on the pull-up. Oh, what a glorious feeling! I knew this would not be my last diaper. And, as if on cue, my bladder relaxed and I was peeing my first diaper! After that I soon found diapers on the internet and order them from there, trying several different kinds, looking for the ones I like best, finding plastic pants as well. I started reading about AB's and DL's. I was pretty much DL at this point, but I was wearing the diapers almost all the time I was at home, to my husband's disgust. But, he gave me the key to the kingdom, he couldn't take it back now. Although he did do his best to belittle me.
Andthen one day I found an adult pacifier on line and had to have it! It was a bit strange at first, since I was never a thumb-sucker as a child, nor did I use a paci as a child. BUt I soon learned to enjoy it and would go to sleep sucking on it. I still have that paci and now use it almost every night as I lay down to go to sleep. This was my first step toward becoming an AB, although I didn't realize it at the time or think about it in those terms then. As time passed, I enjoyed the babyish-ness of being in diapers. And now that I am on my own, soon-to-be-divorced, I have started exploring my AB side. I have ordered some onesies and bottles. I have a teddy bear I sleep with. And to complete the regression to AB, that means being in diapers 24/7. Babies don't think about when or where they have to or should go potty, they potty in their diapers. I want to stick to just wetting my diapers. And over the last couple of months, my bladder has shrunk and I am losing control of my bladder. I can't remember the last dry night I had. And just a couple of days ago, I actually wet my diaper during a nap! That was a first and a good sign that I am getting closer to my goal. I have even been wetting my diaper while at work, just when I feel the need to pee relaxing and letting go. No trying to hold it. Babies don't worry about trying to hold it or waiting for a work break. And if you are trying to be incontinent and in diapers 24/7, whether you want to be AB or just in diapers, that is good advice. Don't try to hold it, just relax and let go. I have even had a couple of minor unforseen wettings in my diapers and was glad I had them on.
So my days of wearing panties are over. I am in diapers 24/7 now. I'm not completely incontinent yet, but I think if I were to try to go back to wearing panties I might have some embarassing accidents! I plan to stay in diapers, and use them for what they were intended for as long as possible. And if that eventually means telling other co-workers or my bosses that I am incontinent and have to use diapers, then that is just the way it will be. Diapers rule! I should just take a pair of scissors to my panties now and then there will be no temptation to revert back. But I don't think I will be tempted to do that. I am set on my course and happy with it.
I would love to hear what others readers think, so please post your comments.
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I think that's great, I have had those feelings most of my life and have some bladder problems as well (dribbling and surging ) I have done the same as you have as well, but have not gone 24/7 yet.

Yeppers. I don't think about wetting my diaper. It just happens and I am very used to it.

Polonium, I often think of the one chat we had years ago and think of you every time I watch the Patriots play. They sure looked good this last Sunday. this story is now three years old and I hope you have been having a good time with your diapers. I wear a shield and I just squirted in it twice while I was reading this story. You haven't been around here for a while, but I hope you are well and enjoying yourself. All the best for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. I hope you will write something soon. I really enjoy all your stories.

I wish I had a wife in diapers, it would be heaven. I would love to do girly nappy changes for her. I do have problems of my own but it would be so nice to share .

I feel your pain. My wife agreed to put put me in diapers. i went out and bought Bambino diapers. I bought onzies, bottles, the works. then out of the clear blue she said get rid of it all and i dont want you to do it ever again. Now im back to sneaking. I was able to find 2 adult baby moms which i tryed each once for one hr each. It was nice but not the same as someone you know and trust. I could only wish and dream to meet a woman with the same intrest as me who has compasion. I wish nothing but the best for anyone who is a ab or dl or both. Its very hard. Its very lonley!!!

Awww, how sweet. I'd love a man like you. I hope you get your wish.

It would love a wife that wore diapers, I would love to change her as often as she wanted, For now I just have to change myself and am hoping that I will be fully incontinent, not poop, just wee. I adore wearing nappies and my Dr has seen me in them and I told her I am desperate to stay in them. I want diaper friends to meet and exchange stories and places to buy diapers and how to get where you do not hold any wee at all but just leak continually. I am not AB but incurably DL, at least I hope I am incurably DL. I love big girly wet nappies and would like to wash girly wet terry nappies and pants for someone, that would be wonderful

You are not a Baby. You are an adult who has a need and desire for complete truthfulness for what you desire. I am the same! I am in full time diapers (cloth with a disposable diaper as a liner just in case) Your spiritual center is in a Happy Place as long as you are wearing a diaper. Calm, warm, fuzzy feelings seem endless while I wear my diaper so I wouldn't put any doubts in another who also can enjoy this sensation. I want what your husband seems to turn away from.( "Forgive me God for I have sinned the sin of coveting!" ) I will never be completely happy in life without a woman who seeks what you are seeking. In fact I would be the DIAPER MASTER of the household and take on the responsibilities that go with a household totally ba<x>sed in a diaper lifestyle. I would feel empowered by the ability to choose the best diapering method for moment. So if I should ever have the greatest of fortune and meet a woman such as yourself, my soul mate's needs and desires will be paramount. That is how I see things. Being NON clinical as to choice of wardrobing that goes along with NON clinical Adult diapers is all a part of how I dream of life together. So you are not a Baby. You are a beautiful woman who will not give up on a true feeling of innocence. I can grow in my own spiritual happiness if I were as fortunate as your man is.

When you first experimented with diapers, to find the diaper that was best for you, did you get that Butterfly Tummy feeling and experience waves of warm excitement? I've been back in diapers since 1986 and with each diaper I put on I still get that warm and fuzzy feeling. For my taste I love cloth diapers with an adult disposable as a liner. (By the way Depends are not diapers. They are cheap butt hankies that were designed for OLD and Infirm people for lazy caregivers.) Being in my diapers full time, 24/7, all year round, makes the desire for the perfect DIAPER LOVING soul mate one of the most cherished of all desires I possess. I feel bad that your hubby can't find all the redeeming qualities a loving woman will share when she is prized for her virtue instead of her diaper choice. Furthermore I would want to be doing the diapering thereby empowering myself as the Chief of the family with the best diaper selected for the moment at hand. As long as I HAVE to wear diapers I would choose a lifestyle that embraces THE Diaper as a fact of life.

I'm 64 and an inco Ab, from a childhood injury. I use a dummy/paci, bottle and have a lot of toys. I love the life and am glad you're enjoying it too Polonium.

Yes, I should be sleeping, but I'm a bit of an insomniac and I haven't cruised any **** sites.

Polonium, it is so good to hear that you have progressed to 24/7 and all it has meant to you. But shouldn't a good young lady such as yourself be sleeping instead of cruising the **** sites at such an early morning hour? LOL!

My what a wonderful post. Yes, despite a few drawbacks diapers do make me so very happy also. In so many ways too. I like to feel wet too and frequently wet my pants, before trying and switching to diapers. So, I really want to thank "repaidgurl" for thoughtfully sharing her tip on wearing panties under my diaper. I just never thought of that. <br />
<br />
And I've just graduated"permanently to a more absorbent "real" style of diapers. no more pull-ups for me as they fill up too quickly. So now I do have a little more room for those panties!<br />

I'm so happy you are making so many new wet friends and you're helping so many others to enjoy themselves and their diapers and their feelings and showing us all that we never have to feel alone or crazy. Diapers give us security and comfort and control and they bring out the best of our innocence, they make us happy and that can't be seen as anything but good. Despite the crazy panic we all felt when buying our first ones, we knew we had to have them to be happy and boy do they ever make us happy. You make me happy.

I have worn panties under my diapers. Still do sometimes. But thanks for the input! And no, no plans yet for shredding them. It was just a thought. Thank you all for your comments.

For me you are an idol. I also want to get nearly incontinent and I want to have to wear diapers 24/7. I think it is worth to reach the goal and I am happy to meet people here with the same desires. I would be happy for every kind of encouragement.

It's too bad your ex didn't take part in your diaper interest. I would love to find a girl in my area into them since we would both be in them.

Why not try wearing panties under your diaper or pull up? I do. I like the feeling of being wet & the disposable products make it so U don't feel the wetness. Don't cut up the panties B4 U try it. I think U will like it. :-)