Sex With A Stranger

I had'nt been out dressed as Monica for a couple weeks now but I went to my favorite club, I was dressed pretty hot in a short red pleated skirt matching top and my 4" black heels with the ankle straps. I was having a grat time dancing and teasing with the regular guys there when I saw a truely good looking black man this was strange for me because i have always had the desire for only white men and they seem to like me because i'm black but there was something about him he was stunning tall in great shape and he was looking at me, I asked myself why is this man here at a place that cater to crossdressers and gays he could have any woman he wants but he was here and looking at me.

I couldn't help it I had to go meet him going over to him telling him what I thought about how good looking he was, he told me his  name was John and he invited me for a drink that turned into three as we sat and talked with him eventually reaching over fondling my leg which I liked.He said lets get out of here and we went outside to his car and we were all over each other with me shoving my tongue inhis mouth and me I don't know what got into me but I reached in his pants pulling his **** out and sucking it, it wasn't the biggest but it was nice and it fit in my mouth nicely and I sucked the hell out of it until he came and I knew I shouldn't but I couldn't help it swallowing it all and it felt so good and he enjoyed it then I came up and he kissed me, I love it when a guy kisses me after he **** in my mouth it shows he appreciate me.

After alittle rest we were back aat it with him reaching taking my panties off I reached in my purse got a condom put it on him turned to my side and let him enter my *** he ****** and rode me in a car like I hadn't in some time and he had great say hard power doing me for sometime, I even sat up on him humping until he moaned holding me down *******, it felt wondeful and when I slipped off him I looked at how much *** was in the tip of that rubber it was filled and I did think how wonderful that would have felt going in me I was still so horny stroking it pulling the rubber off leaning over i sucked him getting and tasting his ***, I knew it was nasty but I had to, he walked me to my car and thanked me but I said no I thanked him but he left and I never did get his number but he left me thinking about the hot night I just had.

MonicaBond MonicaBond
Feb 27, 2010