My '1950'S' Mother - My Role Model.

From my earliest memories, and I can see her now, my mother, in all her elegance. Her hair, full, soft, bouncy.  My '1950's' mother, always wore a corset or girdle, she always wore stockings.  My '1950's' mother always wore high heels, and blouses through which you could see her bra, and a modest amount of breast.  I grew up to be a woman who loves the same clothes my mother wore, that, as I matured, I wore, on her insistence.   Corsets - no wonder I have a small waist having had to wear one from 11 years onward.  Girdles - if I wasn't wearing a corset I was wearing a girdle - but -  I always had to wear stockings.  My mother was a very feminine woman, and, I am a very feminine woman.   My son is now a feminine girl.  My '1950's' mother didn't like women who were 'common' (ladies who were not feminine) - I do not like modern 'fashion' for, indeed, it is not feminine. My mother was my role model - she taught me, she loved me, she  wanted me to be a LADY.  I never did marry a Prince.
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Clothing is our chief means for beautifying life.

i sigh over paper nylon petticoats

I think femininity is in vogue again. But disappointed in the lack of stockings today.

Seems like young woman believe stockings or even pantyhose is what their Grandmothers wear.

Not everyone is blessed with unblemished legs.

Your mother was an amazing women. She did a great job of teaching you how to be a feminie and elegant women. Most youngs girls of today would benefit so much of having a mother like you had.

I am much more comfortable in jeans and hoodies. My mother tried to put me in dresses but it wasn't my thing. I am no more less feminine than any other woman. In fact I am a very good looking woman and I look very young for my age.

No one is saying you are not feminine but you would benefit from wearing a nice skirt and nylon lace underskirt. Many women and their husbands enjoy such clothes as they get more mature.

I do have skirts to wear depending on where I am going. But I don't feel like myself in them. I don't like nylons so I don't wear them. I don't like to walk in high heel either. The clothes I do wear look nice, just very comfortable. I live in a northern state where most women dress like me. We dress for warmth and comfort. I do my hair nice and wear makeup and all that. Just no dresses and high heels.

Thanks for replying. Glad you have skirts. I didn't mean nylons like stockings, I meant nylon slips and petticoats, do you where these and if so with which favourite skirt?

I have a slip because the skirt is a cotton one that you can see through if the light hits it a certain way. I have probably wore it once or twice. Last time I wore it was probably over a year ago because I had to go to a wedding.

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I was the same I grew up in the 50's and my mom and sister used to walk about the house in their bra, panties and petticoats. I loved how they swished about as they went by. I wanted to be just like them, so I work their clothes while they were away.
They caught me more that several times and thot they would punish me by dressing like a complete girl, with a corset, nylons, petticoat and a dress, they made my face up and curled my hair. They made me dress that way for a few day, when they said I could take everything off, I dint want to, so I wore everything all summer long.

When I went to school in the fall my mom enrolled me into private girls school telling the teachers I was in transition to become a real girl. So I graduated as a girl and am still a girl in petticoats still today.

Hi. That's just what I wish could happen to me. It's lovely to be so feminine and girly in petticoats

great to see ladies still being feminine still today

I was raised by a 50's grandmother who taught me to love wearing stockings, corsets (open bottom), slips, bullet bras, lots of make-up and permed hair. I love it and thank her for it.

Your mother sounds amazing and so do you!
You have qualities that others do not have and really do not know that they are missing. Thank you for sharing with us.

Your mother brought you up refined that is a nice quality to have. I'm so happy to see your sharing that refinement with your son. Marrying a prince isn't as important as marrying someone who makes you feel like your living. If you pass this on to your feminized son/daughter s/he'll be at a huge advantage with whom ever he falls in love with.

Youre mother must have been a very beautiful women,my mother also loved wearing girdles under her dresses,she never wore corsets only playtex cross youre heart bras and silky seethrough nylon fullslips in which she dressed me in because she wanted a daughter.She would let me look up her dress seeing her silky slip and pantygirdle underneath,what lovely memories.

Very nice, I agree, nothing much feminine in the styles today. Really sad.

When I was13 my mother used to walk around the house in front of me wearing only her tight white seethrough nylon fullslip with ribbon straps underneath she wore a white PLAYTEX CROSS YOURE HEART BRA WITH SOFT LACEY CUPS that held her big breasts and also this high waist white tight pantygirdle with a shiny satin front control panel seeing her in her silky underwear I went into her bedroom where I saw matching bra slip and pantygirdle on her bed when mommy followed me into her bedroom saying ***** out of dirty male clothes when I was naked in front of her mommy said I love hard ****,NOW LET MOMMY DRESS YOU IN MY MATCHING WHITE PLAYTEX CROSS YOURE HEART BRA,TIGHT WHITE PANTYGIRDLE AND WHITE SEETHROUGH SILKY NYLON FULLSLIP WHEN MOMMY STARTED TO RUB MY HARD **** THROUGH THE SILKY SLIP AND PANTYGIRDLE AT THE SAME TIME I WAS PLAYING WITH HER BIG BREASTS THROUGH HER BRA AND SILKY NYLON FULLSLIP,SHORTLY MOMMY HAD ME ******* INTO HER PANTYGIRDLE WITH MY WHITE STICKY *** SOAKING THROUGH TO THE WHITE SHINY SATIN FRONT CONTROL PANEL AND SILKY SLIP STAINING THEM WITH MY *** .MOM ALSO FORCED ME TO WEAR PLASTIC BABY PANTS WITHOUT A DIAPER AS SHE SAID I LOVE TO SEE YOURE **** THROUGH THE SEETHROUGH PLASTIC.
Now iam a mature crossdresser who also loves wearing adult sz plastic baby pants,would love to hear from mature ladies with similar interest and would let me wear their dirty silky nylon slips

Fabulous sweetie

Boys should always wear dresses, I applaud you for dressing her as a nice girl.

You are such a classy lady- great summary of your feminine upbringing with your mom as your role model.

Thank you Kimmie, I was fortunate to have such a mother - I pity the poor girls of today - I am sure they are lost to their 'femininity'. I believe they see themselves as equals - they have lost the 'art', and, 'presence' of being the 'boss'.

Yes, there is an art to being feminine. One mistake many make is that it's an attribute, not a limitation.