New Mobiles With Raging Price War

The competitions between manufacturers of mobile have benefitted consumers in India. Price war is not new in the Indian market.  It is quite common for Indian consumers.  India is a huge market for consumer goods.  Especially new mobiles market has seen tough changes with price war waging between companies.  There is trend of decreasing prices for the models already have launched can be observed.  Price slashing is a common phenomenon in mobiles.  Different companies are waging wars by decreasing prices and increasing the quality and usability of the phones.  All these features benefit consumers at large.

Therefore latest mobiles which arrived on Indian market can be divided into three groups.  Mobiles priced below 5000 rupees.  The mobiles below 10,000 rupees and above 5,000 rupees, Phones priced below 15,000 rupees and above 10,000 rupees, above 15,000 rupees and below 20,000 rupees. Phones below and above 25,000rupees can be had in the market.  Latest mobile with price can be had from showrooms or from websites of concerned phone company.

Latest mobile phones in India also divided according to the above price list group.  Therefore any mobiles released in the consumer market immediately grouped under these categories.  Latest phones below 5,000 rupees group in Indian consumer market are approx:

Sony Ericsson Spiro- price at rupees 4712
LG GW 300 – Priced at rupees 4231
Samsung Champ C3300K – Priced at rupees 3549
Samsung C3200 Monte Bar – Priced at rupees 3462

Latest mobile price list in India between 5,000 to 10,000 rupees group is approx as follows:

Nokia C3 – Priced at rupees 5673
Sony Ericsson Cider – Priced at rupees 4760
I5500Corby Smartphone – Priced at rupees
Samsung Wave 533 and S5330 – Priced at rupees 8799
Nokia E 63 – Prices at rupees 7740

Most of the mobiles phones are listed and available in showrooms and dealers in India.  In multiplexes and malls and and some other popular malls where they deal exclusive mobiles rates may vary.  They provide mobiles with attractive gifts and other advantages like EMI (Equal monthly installments).  Nowadays the trend has begun with companies themselves.  They are offering their latest phones with monthly installments for the credit card holders and advertisements have been provided widely for such campaigns.

Mobile Price List announced by the company carries more important in the present scenario.  Addition of taxes and other applicable charges differ from state to state and place to place, it sometimes differs from dealers to dealers.  Therefore one cannot say for sure the rates of mobiles precisely.  The bargain can be done in better cases to get the best price affordable.

Latest mobile phone reviews has the same condition as above.  But one can get latest HTC mobiles under different sections like below 5,000 and below 10,000 and below 15,000 and below 25,000 ranges.  Again the rates differ according to the OS on which they operate.  HTC has released phones with three different systems like android, windows and symbol.  Power storage and memory storage also varies according to the rates.  One can refer all the rates and specification from the company and then one can decide which one to buy.

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