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Hot Latex Story

I go to pick up my boyfriend bobby for our we are headed to the resturaunt.he starts to rub my c--k as I start to get hard he starts to unzip my zipper.all of a sudden he sees that I am wearing a pair of latex shorts with a sheath..he asks me what they are.I tell him they are latex shorts..I tell him to sniff them he puts his head near my crotch and he starts to get hard.before I know it he is swolling my latex covered c==k I quickly find a nice dark place to pull over before I loose control of the car.he keeps on sucking my **** I turn the car around we go back to my place we both ***** and I have him put on a pair of shoulder lengh latex gloves.a latex shirt.and a pair of latex stockings.a pair of thigh high latex boots.I put on the same stuff..we are both hard and we start f--king I do him first the when I am done he does it is such a hot scene...we are both exausted,so we rest up get something to eat and after awhile we start going at it be continued....I am getting hard again just writing this story..I going to pick up my bf..I just know we are not going to make it to the resturaunt...
zarda9 zarda9 46-50, M 4 Responses Apr 10, 2012

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I want someone to dress me like that. What a night!

making me so horny

yesYES IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love latex too, and so does my Boyfriend, He is mostly a top and I am mostly a Bottom. We like to wear footed and gloved latex catsuits for sex. E don't use condoms with each other and he always gives me his first and biggest load deep in my rear and usually a nice one in my mouth to swallow. Sometimes he takes mine in his mouth too. Sex in latex is soooo kinky and HOT!

Too cool ;-)