I laugh all the time, sometimes inappropriately. I think it may be why I'm still sane. Kinda sane anyway.
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Well pentupfreedom.. that's one thing that isn't pent up about you :) I love to laugh too... inappropriate is in the eyes of the beholder .. lol :)

I love to laugh at what ever is funny or even a stupid joke I might tell.

I think sometimes laughter helps us form bonds with people too. I love to laugh. I am doing it right now in fact.

Laughter is the best medicine, So go ahead and laugh

Is it a nerve thing are u able to stop it or does it just escape?<br />
My Son had a friend he was about 10 at the time and he giggled all the time it was so annoying that I didn't want him over it was like nails on a black board.

I smile or chuckle quietly. I don't really laugh, you know belly laugh a lot. I like to though. Good for you that you can laugh.

Lol..yeah...me too :-) Not sure how sane I still am...but still hanging on by a thread.