Nst Sacramento, nearly run over

My husband and I have a gentle peaceful life together. We aim to never disturb people and to just live, lovingly together. Nice goal ey? On the weekends we love going to the park, etc. Today, we walked around Cap Park, in down town Sac. Just lovely!
We were crossing a not very busy street, at the crosswalk. We were crossing on a three lane, one way -Nst. For more than a block there were no vehicles traveling on the road, except for a really expensive car followed closely by a highend limo, both vehicles had completely tinted windows.
We paused before walking out because we saw them and they didn't seem to be stopping. Then they slowed as if they were going to stop.
We were chatting about this and that, and my head was slightly turned away from the cars towards my Hubby. As soon as I realized the vehicles were stopping I put one foot out, the car sped up!
My husband had to throw his arm to my chest to prevent me from walking anymore.
My husband gently said to the driver of the car, "We are on a pedestrian X walk?"
The driver did not say anything and that's what worried me. If he had said something I could guess his mental state.
This got me disturbed. What was going on? I had to find out, so I tapped the hornets nest too, to find out what kind of hornets they were. Was the driver under the influence? Was he experiencing out of control emotions? something was wrong with him but what...
"Can we go or will you run us over?" I asked

 "No! YOu NEED TO HURRY THOUGH!" BELLICOSE! The man was not under the influence, he was just an animal.
Before he finished talking I said "O I see you are just acting like an animal!" I used an expletive in the place of 'animal'. He kept trying to talk over me, and I kept calling him 'animal'.
Anyway, I guess animals come in every form. It seems that having too much money and power can turn people into animals at an even higher rate.

PS yes, I know naughty me, I used expletives.
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2 Responses May 7, 2011

Thank you Perseverer, You are right as usual. I count my blessings tonight, my Husband is a Hero! And thanks for loving my tude, I needed that.

I take it that this was yet another bullying incident, notably, that the car had slowed down and then suddenly sped up. Without your husband to protect you, you would be dead meat by now. I love your attitude too; you have a lot of guts.