Not Always A Lightheart

I love my family and so close to my Sister she is my best friend and prayer partner. She has the very good husband they are a blessing to me.

That said some thing come with the territory. Before my Sis went to work she was active in church work. I would often take the drive to Indpls

to spend time with her. My Sis has 4 children. she has got me involved in alot of things. Clown ministry was one of the best. Once she invited me to come over and spend time and I found she was in to clowning. She made a beautiful clown with large blue eyes that she already had and very happy spirit. Any way we were at the fairgrounds in a church tent the first time I put on clown make-up or rather it was put on me.  Handed out some tracks and mimed my way through only sister talked. I did not mind this at all as I found away to communicate through hearts. I wasn't' a juggler,or a special balloon maker or many things clowns do but I could mime so easily.

The experience was very freeing you could share Christ and have fun doing it.

When I returned home I continued to clown. I started a ministry at the church I was attending. The people who were interested came to my house for the class. We started at the mirror looking at ourselves. Making comments on how we looked without make up. We then moved to white face make up. Before we made our faces we found our names. In attendance was a couple who had recently lost a child. There only son. They were searching something to do to help children in hospitals. The wife had shared her husband had not cried and expressed himself during the entire ordeal.

I never said anything about what she had shared with me.

Our first exercise I chose was heart sharing via mime. I had everyone in a circle we had our white faces on we had chose our names.

We had said a prayer asking God to help us to help the hearts of those who needed help with our ministry and we were in a circle.

As a mime the teacher I began to act out a pumping heart with my hand I tore it from my chest and it was small pumping. I hand he pumping heart to the next who grabbed on to the idea immediately as did all the group. The heart began to grow and then it came to the real hurting heart and all the sudden we had a man in tears about his son.  I thank God he was in our group and that we were able to help him. He is the best clown and his heart still aches for the loss of his son but it helped their marriage and him that day when we were all clowns with a face without words but a shared spirit.

I had some funny experiences as a clown> Once a friend ask me to clown her daughter for her birthday in the winter time. Once I had agreed there was no getting out of it. The weather was cold and it was after work she lived a good 30 miles from me.  So I immediate came home and dressed for the event.  By the time I was ready to go it was dark as it gets dark fast in the winter time. I finally reach the exit to .Ooh uh Eyck !I hit a slick spot and round and almost over the over pass. The thoughts passed through my mind how funny woman dressed as clown dies big red nose pink hair large shoes in back. When the car finally stopped I was nearly over the edge of the embankment to the interstate but I was not injured I thought God has a sense of humor right then and he was making me think about my actions at all times. I praised him all the way there and home.

Another funny thing about clowning experience that sticks out in my mind of events that happened while clowning.  It was my vacation time and one of my gals who worked with me knew I clowned wanted to be clowned and was always asking if I would clown her. She was and older woman and she and her husband had purchased a fifth wheel and wee going to travel and do some evangelism along the way.. They were a sweet couple.

Well on her last day I dressed all up and went to work where the party in her honor was.  All went well and she loved it,everyone had a good time. On the way home I turned the corner (dressed as clown big red nose etc.t)  narrow street into a funeral procession.  Once I notice I was in it I was trying to get out. the policeman on motorcycle passed me and looked more than twice as if in disbelief. the road was so narrow I finally saw a way to get out and ducked into a drive through. The guy come up and acts scared. I did not or could not get to change so drove out thinking they had surely passed by now and it was around the corner.Oh no I was just in another part of the per cession. Finally I decided there must be a reason I am here and decided not to be so up tight about it and had a little giggle to myself and wondered who's heart needed me to be seen at that particular time or maybe they all did  Wonder How the dead person felt because I believe they are here on earth three days prior to entering heaven. I never knew whose funeral I was the special guest at but I never forgot it either.

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Mar 14, 2010