Not Out Loud

Only to myselfl - But if they only knew! LOL
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3 Responses Apr 27, 2011

Continuing on the Mass theme, for me it is French priests with thick accents. It is all I can do to keep a straight face when I hear about St John the Baptist out in the dessert, or our innuMERable sins, offences and negligences. And it is even worse when you're a teacher.

We used to make fuzzballs from our sweaters and drop them in the pew in front of us. When the kid in front of us sat down the fuzzballs would stick to their butt when they stood up. I would practically pee my pants we'd get laughing so hard!

I admire your restraint. I lost mine back in the days of Catholic school and the goofy things that happened during daily Mass while we were trying so desperately to behave. I found I loved, loved, loved laughing at inappropriate things, like the proverbial fart in church. Many times I got the tap, tap, tap on my shoulder and I had to go to the back and sit next to one of the nuns.