I Love To Laugh At My Own Jokes

I am constantly thinking of funny things that make me laugh out loud, a lot of the time whilst im talking to someone i think of what celebrity they look like, and only recently on a construction site the supervisor was coming up to ask me a question and i thought "its nick nolte" and when he got to me i was smiling from ear to ear and he must have thought i was that smiley when i meet everyone.
TreesandSeas TreesandSeas
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1 Response May 10, 2012

Dats cool. Laughing's healthy I've been told or somtin.
I think the best ones are those when you are alone just walking somewhere around and watching the cars drive by while like a lightening stroke you are reminded of how oddly funny it would look if all the people on the streets just instantly died for no reason :D what humorous world :3