Natural High

You know the natural high that you get sometimes from just laughing so much? Or the sugar high that you get for 5 minutes? Whenever I have either of those, I tend to laugh at basically everything that comes out of a person's mouth. My brother and I have this weird relationship where we call each other fat but we both know that we're just joking and it tends to get out of hand but it's so funny and by the time my brother is bored of whatever we're doing, I'm just sitting there laughing and crying hysterically re-thinking the jokes that he told. My brother is quite the jokester and most of my jokes, compared to his, are just dead and uninteresting so when I try to be funny, he gives me this deadpanned look and I always laugh at that face for some odd reason.

I always talk, and it's gotten to the point where my parents and everyone around me seems to have blocked me out so it seems like I'm talking to myself. So since no one's listening, I tend to mumble because if no one's listening then why should go out of my way to speak in a regular voice? But anyways, there could be something on TV that is supposed to be serious but I always don't pay attention and when I see something that strikes me as hilarious I always murmur the joke to myself and do that thing where you go "Pshh," or chuckle inwardly. When I'm with my friends, too, I always make these stupid jokes that are so funny to me but then everyone's just looking at me like "Stop laughing, it wasn't funny at all," but sooner or later I get everyone else to laugh too because I end up giving everyone the giggles.

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

i love to laughh[: <br />
it's a thing that i do the most.

I don't think it's really important WHAT is so funny as long as it just IS. I know what you mean about laughing even when nobody else thinks something is funny. Sometimes the laughter just comes from the joy of the moment.... and sometimes I'm just really tired. It doesn't matter. Laughing feels great.