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How Could I Be So Stupid

I don't know. It seems to come naturally.
Zoranna Zoranna 70+, F 3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

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I just caught you in a lie. lol

You're a very smart cookie Zoranna ... I don't believe a word of this. :)

Thanks Barb. But I was stupid! Getting over it. :)

Come visit me. We'll drink the expensive wine first :)

I'm there! I'll buy first. :)

Haha! Not a chance! When I come see you, you can buy that round.

Okay! You've got a deal! :)

Sweet! But when the "2 buck chuck" comes out, you'll know what's expected :)

"2 buck chuck"? I can only imagine! Doesn't sound too good though. :)

Hunny! This is country!! Our "2 buck chuck" is better than many areas' finest! Don't worry, I own this territory.

Phew! That's a relief. :) We have some mighty fine wineries down here too. Margaret River in Western Australia is a must. I'll take you there! :)

Deal!! Your part of the world, btw, is on my list, which happens to be alphabetical.

Better get out the maps then, hadn't I? No, I know how to get there! :)


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