How Hard Is It To Do It Yourself?

My sister, and friends, had been tinting their hair themselves for years and she encouraged me to have a go. So I duly did. I picked a colour, that on the box, looked very similar to mine: Natural Light Auburn. I followed the instructions which were fairly simple, waited the recommended 25 minutes for it to take then jumped into the shower to rinse and condition.
I was feeling pretty proud of myself until it started to dry. Oh dear! It soon became very obvious to me that it wasn't Auburn: it was very Red!! Oh shoot!
I went over to my Mother's and said have a look at my hair. Her startled look before she burst out laughing said it all. "Have you looked at it in the sunlight?" She asked. I didn't need to I told her laughing, it's red! She told me it did have a nice copper sheen to it. Yeah right! Gosh we laughed, what else could I do?
So this morning I popped into the hairdressing salon next to my gym and fortunately she had no other customers at that stage. I had never been there before but asked her if there was anything she could do.
She is one of the funniest ladies I have ever met. She looked me over, examined my hair, pulled my scrunchie out, examined again and announced:
"Oh my dear you have ****** it."
In a delightful accent I was later to discover was Israeli. My Mother almost choked with laughter.
Then she and her assistant spent almost the next two hours fixing the damage I had done and managed to get my hair almost back to its normal colour. She berating profusely, making me promise I would never do it again! I have never been so grateful nor felt so spoiled for a long time. She said I need one more visit before she will be happy with my hair and as I go to the gym next door and have to pass her salon, she warned me:
"I will be watching for you. You cannot escape me now." with a wicked grin.
I even got a hug as I left.
So what was a veritable disaster, of my own making, yesterday, turned into a blessing in disguise today as I have made a new friend and have a wonderful new hairdresser.
It just goes to prove every cloud indeed has a silver lining.
Zoranna Zoranna
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Thank god that didn't happen when I helped the wife, no matter the cause, it would have been my fault.

Oh really? Gosh. Well I had no one to blame but myself. :-)

Ah but if you had, like a husband you had bamboozled into helping?????

Well I didn't, so I don't understand your question.

Looking back over it, I don't get my question either. Must have been a night I had imbibed.

That's okay. lol

have a good evening.
Nice story though.

Thanks, but it's only 10.45 am here. You have a nice evening. :-)

Will do. All right now I am trying to figure what part of the globe your on, like Bejing or somewhere along that line? but, being english (stalking here) Perth I think more likely :-), am I right?

I'm not English, but you're quite right, Perth. :-)

I just read the part that says 100% english. So That would put you probably english speaking. For what little I know, it would be Hong Kong, and then Australia, New Zealand stuff like that.

No, you read that wrong, I said 100% British.

no I translated what I read incorrectly. I had mistakenly assumed if you were British you were English. I had forgotten Australia and several others still consider themselves subjects of the crown. Exactly how does that go?

I don't consider myself a subject of the crown at all, can't speak for anyone else. I was born in Scotland, but came to Australia when I was 13. I'm an Australian citizen and very proud of that. I put 100% British as that is my heritage. I hold dual nationality.

Ahhh, so what is the Australian, NZ and Canadian tie to the crown, or do I have that screwed up, is it common wealth.

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Hahaha, this story made me laugh out loud Zoranna. :-) I can only imagine how mortified you must have been when you initially saw your hair. But line of this story (bar none) is your Israeli hairdressers immortal line.... "Oh my dear you have ****** it", and your moms reaction to that. hahaha Priceless. :-)

You've made me laugh again just remembering. :-))

That's such a funny line, particularly imagining her saying with an accent. :-)

And with a straight face!! lol

I love this story--a new friend. Beautiful!
I cracked up though at the "silver" lining, as I am developing silver strands at an alarming rate these days. I have never colored--not once--and I don't intend to. I guess we'll see how long that lasts. But I sort of feel that nature should be allowed to just take its course and I have been really lucky so far.
I liked the part where she says she is going to keep an eye on you. That is cute. I like her. I like you too. Here's to a great look and a new friend/colorist. You hit the jackpot. Congratulations.

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Haha ;)

Had to laugh. God, I looked like Charlotte the Harlot! lmao