I Can't Help But Laugh At Myself.

Right now, at this time of transition in my life, I can't help but take a step back and have a good hard look at the decisions and choices I've made.  What a joke!

~ Who's running this show anyway? ~



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Does that make us related? <br />
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~ come to granny ~<br />
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I checked out that list - does kind of make me feel better.<br />
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tee hee.<br />
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Hi Liviy!

Lively, I know what you mean. I'm always laughing at you also.

I always laugh at myself (:

drewberry, read my story in "I have done these things". You will feel better about yourself.

It does help knowing that.<br />
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Thanks Flours :)

its ok hun weve all made some of the weird ones-ha ha

For sure TDK - isn't it funny how much we thought we knew in our younger years?<BR><BR>~ great big DOH ~

Ha ha - no nudie... this picture is symbolic only.

Drew, please, please, please tell me you did not wake up to that every morning. <br />
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I nominate you for saint hood if you did. Atleast he died a happy man.

Ewwww - you are so rigth Aldente ~<br />
<br />

Well Nudie - even if he's is the Six Flags dude, I'd never even consider selling myself out in the sanario Myo throws out there.<BR><BR>~ cringes ~<BR><BR>" I'm to sexy for my.... "

Six Flags dude, I tell you. That is the guy.

H*ll, NO, I couldn't do it! I couldn't imagine having to sleep with him, even if he's a eunuch. Really, check out those glasses. Yuck. Why is everybody picking on her hair when he looks like that?

Hey Dude - I am on a quest to bring back the BIG HAIR man!!!!<br />
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Mewold - if we laugh at ourselves, then I makes it a lot easier to stomach when others are laughing at us... it is a powerful tool.<br />
<br />
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~ grins ~

I laugh at myself, and anything I think is funny.

HA HA HA - Indeedy... its all about the laughter... <br />
<br />
Now Cowbell - it took me hours to get those flippy feathered flops right in my hair.... throw back from the Farah Faucett poster of the 70s.

YEah, and how convenient, Cowbell... hair sits right above her breasts! *eyes the cow suspiciously*<br />
Me... I live to laugh at myself! Coarse... I like to laugh at others, too! :D

I feel like my whole life is a big long ride on one of those amusement park rides thru the tunnel of horrors.<br />
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Now Myo - that's all good in theory, but come on. Could you REALLY DO IT? I just couldn't... but then again, perhaps that's my problem... <br />
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~ NAH ~ can't do it.

Good advice LilAnnie.<br />
<br />
I do try not to live in the past, looking forward without regret. But right now at this moment in life, I can't help but look back with a big slap on the forehead and chuckle. <br />
<br />
~ shakes head in disbelief ~

But they had tons of those little cars at Six Flags. It is just hard getting them off those tracks. <br />
<br />
She also kept taking him to the Horror House in hopes of advancing his heart attack.

Yeah, but think about this for a second. The old geezer took her on a free honeymoon to Six Flags. He bought her a fancy little car with the money he saved. Then he moved her into a huge house she never had to clean. She doesn't have to have sex with him because there was no Viagra back then. Five years later he kicks the bucket and she's good to go, a wealthy widow with no kids at the peak of her sexuality.

Here's some advice I desperately need to follow also...Don't look back!

He really is quite funny. When I lived in Houston, we had a Six Flags at the time. They played those commercials all the time. I forgot about him until my son found him on Youtube. Ahhhhhhhhhhh

ROFL - Ha ha.. I'd never seen that. With moves like that, I might go for the old geezer.... <BR><BR>He's got it GOING ON!!!<BR><BR><BR>ha ha - thanks for sharing nudie :))<br />
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~ is there ANYTHING that can't be found on YouTube?? ~

I have no clue Nudie... but he's a freakin Monkey on my back dammit.<BR><BR>~ what would Elvis do? hmm... kick his saggy old *** with that dime store wedding shoe, that's what ! ~ (good advice newdaydog)

Drew, is that the old man who used to do the commercials for Six Flags?

Good point SW! I hide behind the laughter every chance I get... consequently this group, cuz laughing at myself is all I know to do sometimes. At least I'm learning the lessons... it could be worse.<br />
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Thanks for visiting and commenting!

I think the reason why it's so easy to accept is peer pressure. When I was younger, people said I was too serious. Now, I feel like I laugh too much, pretending it doesn't exist. But hey, at least I'm not bothering people, and guess what! I'm laughing, so they can laugh with me!<br />
<br />
That's what I love about being jaded. When you laugh, it's genuine and unstoppable, quiet or overt. =)

To avoid that in the future just ask yourself:<br />
"What would Elvis do?"<br />
All will be clear!

where have you been MadMan? <br />
<br />
Did Kevin Spacey get married? I thought he was gay?

LOL - Indeed SW. Somehow the mass buffoonery is a lot easier to accept.<BR><BR>live and learn... <BR><BR>thanks.

definitely. I look back on some of the stupid crap I did... then I talk to other people and think, "well... at least I'm not the only one who screws up." It helps me feel ok about laughing it off.

Plenty nuff to go round sweet Wynnnnnneeeee<BR><BR>and Yoo - That old man is symbolic (thank gawd) of whatever has hold on the good forturne meter in my life.. <BR><BR>my point here is how much my own damn impulsivity has played on so many decisions in my career, personal life.. everything.<BR><BR>I feel like that stupid young girl in the photo who's squandered her life away on some old fashioned notion of what life should be..<BR><BR>blah blah blah.. i ramble. i digress.

Precisely my point. <br />
<br />
Oh Lordy, Jesus Take the Wheel - PLEASE!!

First person i laugh at every day ....... myself :o)