Its Not That Serious

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I never had a disclaimer! Now everyone is talking about disclaimers lol...if I use I do this

Disclaimer: blahblahblah


Best disclaimer ever.

I had a disclaimer but people didn't think it disclaimed enough and that its placement rendered it undisclaimable.

I AM a disclaimer. If you look at the earth from space you'll see an asterisk..and that asterisk is me. :(

rates KittyChanel up, lol *


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i want a pet gremlin

What do you mean you have one.

ohhhh thats right. *sigh* he's been bleeding all over the place

Kiss his boo boo hurts it hurts attention to the wounded ...

You forgot the disclaimer

Feck ..... Now every one will crucify me

You put a disclaimer in before and look what happened. . .disclaimer ...schmisclaimer

disclaimers are important!

@7h. I didn't put a disclaimer that my disclaimer was located at the bottom...I did it all wrong.

OOOHH. I apologize. I was unaware that there was a proper place for the disclaimer. LOL. Good to know.

Should we start placing disclaimers at the beginning and the bottom? we need rules for this!


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GREMLINS!!!!! I was terrified of them after I saw that movie!

When I went to cosmetic artistry school years ago I actually did the gremilin gal for my sculpting project.

Gal? there was a girl gremlin?


Got mirrors?