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I'm Not Beneath It

Vivagalore Vivagalore 31-35, F 1 Response Aug 15, 2012

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I am trying to process this, if you will bear with me and help me understand what this means? :)

Certain people like to allege feminism is secretly trying to take over America/all western nations/the world .... That they have a dastardly plot in action which will enslave/kill all men.

Bildderburger is a society which is very secretive group of elitists who greatly influence social and economic trends .....

Wow....Is that really a girl (born female)?

No that guy is a dude.

It's men's right activists which believe feminism to be evil plotters

Oh ok....really? Do you believe it is evil? I really cannot say because I am not a feminist. I do support whomever against bullying. :)

Umm I'm a feminist. It isn't evil IMO.

I'm sometimes a bully

It may seem like I do but it is in defense of everyone's freedom of choice. :)

It's a tough job fighting for the rights of everyone ... It's just easier to fight for the rights of YOU !!!! o_O

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