But Sometimes They Work

Some pick-up lines are so unique you can't help but laugh.  Sometimes they are just what is needed to break the ice. 

I've used one or two myself, and hey, they worked!  I laughed at myself afterward!


darlene darlene
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8 Responses Apr 15, 2008

At birth control, yes. After that, the poor man would just shrivel up even more. How sad.

but you have to admit it would probably work LOL

No! I can picture him saying it though! Lol. And just for the record, I never laughed at a man's member. That's just not right.

ok get 'em drunk NO SLOW DANCING and spring the little surprise on them afterwards. I guess i'm going to have to get used to one night stands after this plan. Did you ever hear Robin Williams talking about birth control? He said the best birth control is when a man drops his pants and the woman just goes hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! LOL

No, get 'em drunk, then just spring the small penis on them, period!

ok got it get 'em drunk then spring the small penis line on them. thanks for the tip (no pun intended) LOL

Honesty, may not be the best policy. Get 'em drunk first!

how's this for a pickup line? Hey gorgeous i have a small penis can i buy you a drink??